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Hartness Guide to Statistical Information

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Access to documents by subject or province
Annotations used in the Guide

Access to Documents by Subject or Province

A. Access to selected statistical information is provided by Ann Hartness through the use of her Subject Guide to Statistics in the Presidential Reports of the Brazilian Provinces 1830-1889. Austin, TX: Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Texas at Austin, 1977. This Guide provides subject access to over 10,000 statistical references in these annual Provincial reports.

Each subject page provides access to data contained in the Provincial Presidential Reports. The information is organized by province, then by date, publication, and page. See below for annotations used within the guide.

Please note that only selected data has been indexed. Not all of the citations in the printed Subject Guide could be identified. In addition, some pages were missing from the originals or were of too poor quality to include in the digitized reports. Reports published between 1890 and 1930 were not included in the printed Subject Guide and are not indexed here.

Annotations used in the Guide

Subject Guide abbreviations:

An. = anexo(s)
Ap. = apenso(s)
Dir. = directoria
Doc(s). = documento(s)
N. = numero
n.p. = no place
p. = pagina(s)
pt. = parte
Rel. = relatorio
Rec./Exp. = Receipts and expenditures
s.n. = sem numero
Sec. = secretaria
Sub./loans = Subsidies and loans

Definitions of terms used to show location:

Mapa = refers to any type of statistical table
; = indicates there is more than one item of statistical information on that topic, i.e. Mapa sn; [A], p. 6
, = indicates a specific location within a document, i.e. G, p. 11
sn = no page or table number was available
bis = Another table with an identical number preceded the one so labeled in the same source
(#) = refers to the number of UNnumbered tables following the page number given. G. p. 11 (3)
[ ] = provides further information about the location of an image
yr/yr = refers to fiscal year
yr-yr = refers to a range of years

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